My Name is Aleksandar Dzudovic

I am a 3D and motion graphics artist with 15 years of experience. I am very passionate about my work. Love new challenges, creating beautiful things, and learning. I have a wide range of knowledge in motion graphics, 3D animations, and video production in

If you want to know more about me here is a short article about me written by Envato Marketplace Team.


Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Maya
Substance Painter
Pixologic ZBrush
Epic Games Unreal Engine


Serbian, English

My Services.

Feel free to cherry-pick the services you need.

social media

I can make content that's just as effective as it is engaging. That provides the LOLs when the laughs are needed, and a tug at the heart-strings when a cause needs to resonate and inspires action.


I produce all types of commercial across all industries. I can make videos from start to finish - from creative idea conception to final video delivery.

corporate videos

I don't just make videos. I make films. Yes, there’s a difference! To me, it's all about telling a story...YOUR story.

2D animations

My goal is to gain a thorough understanding of your business, brand, and marketing strategy and create engaging video content that builds trust with your audience.

music videos

I can produce professional music video, animated or live recorded, with quick turnaround at affordable prices.

3D animations

I can create high-quality 3d solution that will not only fit your budget and deadline but will deliver a positive return on investment for years to come.

AR Experiences

I can build 3d content for your immersive experience. I strongly believe that the future of entertainment is in fully immersive experiences & live action straight to the brain.

promo videos

By focusing on the story and not just going for the hard-sell we will engage and educate your potential customers.

educational Films

I am not shy away from the fact that I am afilmmaker at heart; a blend of commercial and narrative-minded storytellers looking to... well, tell stories.


I take my work and my responsibility seriously. I don’t just deliver on my word. I exceed the vision. Every. Single. Time.

Director/Founder, Creativelab / Second Unit, Belgrad
MARCH 2003 - January 2022
In the continuity of more than 15 years I own a small production company. We produce all types of commercial, corporate videos, social, animation, music videos, training videos, short films, documentaries, digital and mobile videos for companies, agencies, brands, musicians, organizations, nonprofits, startups, and businesses across all industries. Being a full-service video production company, we make videos from start to finish - from creative idea conception to final video delivery. I also work a small VFX task on a several big Hollywood movies as a sub-contractor.
Creative Director, YouStar App, Los Ángeles
Coordinating a small team of motion graphic designers, designing a motion graphic templates for further usage inside the YouStar app https://www.youstar.io/
3D and Motion Graphics Artist, Phi Academy, Belgrade
Working on a large scale of projects for the company Phi-Academy. Managing entire production for several company commercials, work on multiple promos and social network videos, designing over 40 3D videos for the "Skin Expert" Online Course.
3D Artist, Liniad, Herzliya
MARCH 2020 - AUGUST 2020
Creating social network promo videos in different formats for huge client companies such as Zynga and King.
Motion Graphics Artist, Content Creator, Envato, Melburn
In 10 years, I have created more than 150 templates for an Envato marketplace with over 14000 sales records.
3D Artist, FlickPlay App, Los Ángeles
AUGUST 2020 - January 2022
Building 3D content for IOS platform. Creating AR virtual extension of the real world experiences.


Belgrade Design University, Multimedia Design Department, Belgrade

My ShowReel

I aim to create videos that make an impact.

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