How we make Videos

Video production involves a lot of time, effort, and finesse. To produce a successful video, we've follow a step-by-step process. Over 15 years of experience has perfected our method. We provide script-to-screen video production services using the latest technology to produce high-end video projects.

Our Processes

To Meet Your Goals Effectively


Think of this as the planning stage. Developing means coming up with (and flushing out) ways to achieve the main goal of your video. It’s important to have a vision and strategy in mind. It also includes coming up with a budget, writing a script and storyboards. We research your story, develop the narrative, create the action lines, screenplay & dialogues. All we need is a clear brief , which we happily develop with you.


In the next step, our film-makers and creators jump into action. The production process lasts from the first day of your shoot to the last day of your shoot. Although almost every detail concerning the shoot should have been planned during the pre-production stage, there’s still a lot of work to be done, including Setting up lights and cameras and the actual filming of your project.


Once filming is completed, the post-production process begins. This is actually one of the most involved parts of the video production process. Post-production typically includes the following: editing, coloring, sound design, and mixing, voice-over work, Graphics and text, and VFX.

Regardless of the process, all productions follow the following steps:

Creative Meeting

Meeting where your target group, vision, purpose, message and goals are defined.


We present an idea/pitch and deliver a quotation with a production plan to you.


Our directors and filmmakers start filming on location and create all the material needed to bring together the film.


The sound is processed, the music & effects are added. Also if necessary, the voice-over has been recorded. Sound design is important part of the process, cause as the ground brick for the entire design, sound set the timing and emotion of the entire video.


We try to form a story based on the sound. A this point we are trying to block the action, capture the general feel and emotion, and focusing on the story we need to tell. All the action is rough cuted, animations are not perfect yet they can provide enough info so we can easily pivot if necessary.


At this stage we are already have the foundations for the story, the timing and dynamic of the piece is setup properly, and we continue to work and build on top of that. By continue working, with every next round we craft and add another layer of complexity on top of the base, and keep polishing the video until we find it perfect.


Together with you, we go through the results, impact, and goals that were in the brief.

We’re not here to press ‘record’ – we’re here to find your story and go tell it to the world. We love what we do, and we can’t wait to share our passion with you. Just say the word.